The Next Generation of Fire Inspection

Prevention is Key

Fire prevention has become an increasingly important element of a fire department’s need to reduce incidents. myFD is the most comprehensive management solution for fire inspection on the market today.

Improving the Process of Fire inspection

Residents can interact with your Fire Department to request services and see results. Empowering residents will make them “real partners” in your life safety inspection program… working together works better for everyone!

Universal Role Based Portal

Universal Role Based Portal provides customizable access to information. Firefighters, fire prevention support staff, and managers have access to the exact information they need to get the job done successfully. Customers can request services and see the results.

GIS Based Structural Inventory

Properties located in your city’s hazardous brush areas are now highlighted by myFD’s dynamic global information system (GIS). Looking for individual properties is now fast and efficient.

Document & Case Management with Workflow

Now all relevant documents can be managed for consistency and they are stored and easily retrieved. Case management is smoother with automated workflow and document preparation.

Real-time Dashboards & Reporting

Dashboards are updated as the work is completed and sent to the secure 3Di Systems server. Dashboards display information at many different levels. Management tracks goals achievements; staff work dashboards show finished, in process, or ready to be scheduled. Standard reports are available.

Fee Engine/Payment Management

Cost recovery just got easier. Billing for inspections and other administrative costs is automated and depending on your agencies authority, can fully recover the cost of your brush clearance program.

Drag and Drop Violation Wizard

myFD’s unique violation wizard increases efficiency and productivity. Icons representing common brush violations can be dragged and dropped on the parcel screen.


US 2015 construction valuation requiring fire plan check


U.S. brush fires per day


Typical myFD implementation


U.S. property fire damage

Fire Chiefs and Marshals

Fire Agencies are saving lives with 3Di’s new and powerful myFD. Built from our successful project with the city of Los Angeles, 3Di has developed an affordable cloud based solution with features such as:

  • Defensible space inspection and enforcement
  • Drag and Drop Violation Wizard
  • myTown GIS parcel mapping
  • Dashboards that help staff focus on priorities
  • Dynamic Scheduling, Automated Notices, & Systematic Enforcement
  • Cost Recovery
  • Simple monthly service fee; includes 3Di inspection software, iPad field tablet, and maintenance bundle - similar to your cell phone contract.
  • Included are sample notices, letters and sample draft ordinance that can be modified and adopted by your jurisdiction.

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3Di has formed a unique partnership with Apple to provide iPads as part of the myFD solution. Every 2 years, your department’s iPads are updated with the latest version and the used iPads are donated to your local school district by 3Di.

Brush Fire Inspection

Do gaps exist in your Brush Abatement program that need solutions?

Could your cost recovery be improved?

Do you have properties that need to obtain compliance?

all of us are aware, the next brush and wild land fire season is approaching fast. Gaining the upper hand on prevention and compliance will save lives.

MyFD Brush Inspection systematically automates your brush abatement program from the beginning of the season to full compliance. As a complete solution, it solves your challenges with budget, IT authority, timeliness, training and staff consistency. Our success is in helping you gain compliance, cost recovery and most importantly, save lives.

MyFD Brush Inspection has an intuitive logical workflow, scheduling, GIS mapping, staff focused dashboards and cost recovery features. All of which adds up to higher customer satisfaction. Partnering with Apple, 3Di provides the necessary tools in a monthly subscription package that makes it easy and fast to deploy.

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Automating your entire inspection program saves lives. by effectively inspecting your entire jurisdiction every season. With myFD, you can Plan, Schedule, Notice, Deploy, Inspect, Enforce and Finish on time with full cost recovery.


To manage efficiently, captains need a complete set of management tools. myFD delivers tracking, mapping, reporting and planning tools that are essential for success.


With no hardware or software to buy, myFD is delivered as a 3Di Solution as a Service (SaaS) offering. Hosted with Amazon’s Web Services, myFD gives your department fast and highly secure anywhere, anytime access. 3Di provides all maintenance, upgrades, and support. Get started immediately!

Fire Permits Inspection

Fire Development services is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Performing fire life safety plan check and inspections for new construction must be scheduled, tracked and documented. Documents must be retained and costs must be recovered.

Planning for potential tragedy helps to prevent one. You have to review how the people will get out of a building and how Firefighters will get in to the building to rescue the ones that couldn’t get out. myFD Construction Services improves and streamlines the process of Fire Life Safety Plan Check and Inspection from the ground up, from plan submittal to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Your firefighters and support staff are able to review plans, determine hydrant location and access for fire suppression apparatus. Your team can ensure effective continuity throughout the entire process. Contractors, developers, architects, and residents can interact with your Fire Department directly by using myFD Construction Services to request services and see results. Enabling self-service will make citizens “real partners” in your Development Services, life safety plan check and inspection program.

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Solution Spotlight

LA’s Fire Inspections Management System

For the City of Los Angeles, identifying and noticing property owners in High Fire Hazard Severity Zones is a complex task. Organizing the inspection of properties, issuing citations and orders to comply exhausts fire department resources. Enforcing brush clearance and defensible space regulations is complicated and sometimes produces more animosity than results. With civilian and firefighter lives and property at risk, Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) found the solution.

100% Compliance

3Di’s Fire Inspections Management System (FIMS) automates the proper noticing of every property, generates fire inspection schedules for deployment, and utilizes 3Di’s Violation Wizard that speeds up the field inspection process. Combined with LAFD’s system and authority to cite brush clearance hazards, FIMS is the management tool that allows Firefighters to gain 100% compliance and maximizes cost recovery for the department.

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